Recon Clear LED 3rd Brake Light

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  • $180

Recon is proud to announce lighting for every make and model of domestic pick-up truck & some SUVs & domestic performance cars. Recon LED 3rd brake lights are much safer, brighter, more intense, longer lasting, and great looking. 

Features Include:

  • Highly visible from other vehicles thus reducing chances of rear end collisions
  • Made using only the finest state of the art components & circuitry
  • RECON LED aka L.E.D. lights last tens of thousands of hours
  • No annoying flicker from halogen or fluorescent bulbs
  • L.E.D. lighting is impervious to heat, cold, shock & vibration
  • No breakable glass is used, & L.E.D. Third Brake Lights are completely waterproof
  • RECON retail-friendly packaging makes for a perfect gift
  • Uses existing holes without modification or drilling